Covid Updates

Letter to parents 2nd of November


Dear Parents

Welcome back to school, we hope everyone had a restful break. There is now seven weeks to Christmas and we all want to stay healthy and in school until then.

As part of the Covid response plan our school was deep cleaned over the midterm. We also happy to inform you that we were not affected by the PPE recall. This morning an assembly was held over the intercom. This was to reinforce the importance of the following:

  • Keep clean – wash hands
  • Keep apart – 2m when eating (mask off) and 1 m at all other times (mask on)
  • Keep covered – Wear your mask properly

As parents you have been very supportive of the Coivd response plan and we ask for you help now to reinforce this message with your child at home. Please remind your children also to dispose of rubbish correctly. This will help us to maintain the overall cleanliness of the school. We also ask that students might consider wearing base layers. It is a requirement to keep windows and door open to ensure proper ventilation. We continue to uphold a high standard of uniform and thank you for your support in this.

Denis Quinn                                                                       Clare Wallace
Principal                                                                               Deputy Principal


Letter to Parents 18th of September



Dear Parents

We would like to thank you for your support and help with the reopening of Coláiste Mhuire Co-Ed.  We have said this before but we need to repeat it again. Our students, your children have been AMAZING since they came back to school. The ways in which they live our core values of respect, cooperation, honesty and effort as they negotiate this difficult time for everyone is remarkable. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support at home in reinforcing our core messages about COVID

  • Keep covered
  • Keep hands clean
  • Stay apart

We have sent out several letters and are very grateful for the feedback we have received from you. 

We would like to address some of the following questions in this letter. 

What do I do if my child is sick?

The guidelines are clear that students/staff self-isolate at home if any of the symptoms of Covid 19 are experienced. Ultimately the success of schools staying open is down to low community spread and good practices in school. HSE guidelines should be followed. It is very important that you do not send a child who is sick to school. 

It is important that parents are available to collect students during the school day, if their child presents with Covid 19 symptoms. Please note that under no circumstances can students be brought home by staff.  In this scenario students will be escorted to an isolation room and parents must collect them from immediately. The guidelines recommend that students should wear a mask until they reach home and parents should call their GP, who will outline the next steps.

What happens if a student has a positive covid-19 test?

If a student were to test positive for Covid-19 the Public Health Department of the HSE would carry out a Public Health Risk Assessment and decide on the appropriate actions to be taken. The school would not have a direct role in this decision making process. 

The Public Health Risk Assessment may indicate that contact tracing is necessary. To facilitate this, the school may be asked to furnish the names and contact details for pupils (and their parents/guardians) who are close contacts of a confirmed case. We will also be required to provide their mode of transport to school.  If this information is requested by the Public Health Department of the HSE, the school will process the information in compliance with data protection regulations.It is important to know that it is the HSE, not the school, who will carry out any necessary contact tracing. 

Daily absences of students

We are asking parents to use compass to inform us about absences. You will find information about how to do this at If you experience difficulties with this you may add a note in your child’s diary but your child must inform the class tutor that it is there.

Please note that we are obliged to report absences over 20 days to TUSLA so it is very important that records are maintained properly. Also note that the doors will lock at 9am so students must be on time and present at roll call.

How can I contact the school?

Email or phone 050421734. Contact with the school, in person, is strictly by appointment only. 

My child is in TY and I would like them to do work experience

We are not in a position to organise work experience this year. However, if a parent is in a position to get safe work experience with an employer who is willing to follow Covid 19 protocols, and if you as the parent are willing to supply evidence to the school that it is safe then we will allow students to undertake this. The weeks of the 14th to the 23rd of December and 22nd to the 26th of March have been identified for this purpose for TY. Please email if you intend to do this and we will liaise with you. Please do not feel under pressure to do this. This leeway is coming as a small number of parents have requested it as a concession. We will be running class during those weeks for TY as normal. 

Can TY parents please note that a separate letter has been sent home with your child today. Please note the contents and return the slip by Monday. 


Drop off/Pick up at school

For the safety of your child please do not drop off at the Teagasc office. Enter the school and use the one way system. Please follow the one way system (in at the Teagasc entrance, nearest the dome) out at the LIT exit. Drop the child and keep moving. Please do not drive up to the front door. On Exit left turn only toward the LIT roundabout.  Please use the LIT roundabout to filter back into town. Using this one way system will keep traffic moving and will show due respect to our neighbours.We would very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter. 

School Extra Curricular Activities

The Covid response team meets every week to try to keep the school safe for your children. As part of our response year groups have separate entrances, there are 3 breaks and lunches and where we could we have kept classes in their designated units. The current advice is to keep this up; the hope is that in the event of an outbreak the HSE would not have to send the whole school home to Remote Learning.  Our priority is to keep students at school so that their face to face learning can continue. We will continue to monitor the safety of extra curricular activities and will keep you updated. 

PE Uniform

Thank you for upholding our high standards of school uniform. The PE uniform is a Navy tracksuit bottoms (not tight fitting, not leggings, not jeans), navy or white polo shirt and School half zip or jumper. Mr Fahy sent a message last week to say that Bourkes Sports are now in a position to sell the school half zip to you directly. You can contact them at:

Name of Rep: Norma 


Call or text: 0876800688

Remember, any of our previous Coláiste Mhuire half zips are acceptable. The school jumper is also acceptable. We note that in some families (where it works out) children are sharing tops. That is a great idea and cuts down on expense. 

The Parents Association

The officers of the PA have had remote meetings with the Principal and Deputy. They would like the parent body to know that they are there and will endeavor to keep you informed. If you would like to join the Parents WhatsApp group please contact Lisa at 0876150548 or Frank at 0868062770 or Lyndsey at 0872139533

Yours Sincerely


Denis Quinn Clare Wallace

Principal Deputy Principal


Letter to Parents 28th of August

Dear Parents
We hope this letter finds you well and that your child is looking forward to returning to school next
week. We had a remote staff meeting today and everyone is looking forward to seeing your children
next week. Can we take this opportunity to remind you that all previous correspondence as well as
letters from Pat Long Catering (NB no orders – no food from canteen) are at

We have had a few additional questions which we will are happy to brief you on here.

School Bag
Your child can bring a bag and can have a packed lunch in the bag if they do not wish to pre-order
from the canteen. Apologies if there was confusion re this.

Warm waterproof coat
There will be occasions where, to allow for social distancing, students need to be outside during the
school day. A warm waterproof coat is a must.

School Times
School will not open until 8.40. School is finishing 20 mins earlier Monday to Thursday and this will
give ample time for students to get to busses. We urge you as parents to reinforce the importance of
social distancing as they make their way to school, home and to busses. We are arranging a
supervised study session until 3.40 pm on Fridays. This will be in the Dome (to allow for social
distancing) and will cost €50 per child until Christmas. If you wish to avail of this, please fill in this
form and we will issue you with a Way to Pay link to secure your place.

First years
Mr Brennan has sent a separate letter to the incoming first year parents and we hope that this will
address any issues you may have.

Sanitising Protocols
All students will be asked to sanitise their hands on entry to the school building at all times. Students
will also be expected to sanitise their hands as they enter each classroom. At the beginning of class
where students have entered a room, each student will wipe down their desk and chair with
materials provided. We have added the video on how to handwash in the Google classroom and on
our website. Please ensure that your child is familiar with the correct handwashing and sanitising
procedures as recommends by the HSE.

It is of vital importance that you have access to the compass app as you will use this to register
absences, get updates from the school, view your child’s merits and demerits etc. Contact the office
if you need to update your username and password. See for more
info on this.

Foreign travel
If have returned to Ireland from a country that is not on the COVID-19 travel advice list (green list)
within the last two weeks, you are asked to contact the school prior to your child’s return.

High Risk Conditions
Once again, we ask that if your child is in a high risk category you contact the school as soon as
possible to let us know.
Please keep in touch with us if you have any further questions

Link to letter from the Canteen (Pat Long Catering) sent on 27/8/20

Link to letter from Canteen (Pat Long Catering) sent on 24/8/20

Letter to parents on 21/08/2020

Dear Parents

We hope this letter finds you and your families well. We promised that we would update you again today and we thank individual parents, students and the Parents Association for your feedback and further questions which have informed the content of this letter.

I am sure that, like us, the most recent restrictions were difficult to hear about. We took some reassurance that what is deemed as Non-Essential activity is pausing so that Essential activity such as returning to school safely can happen. We are doing everything we can to make the best of the enormous changes we have had to make in school to ensure that school will return, as planned while also striving to keep everyone in our school community safe. Coláiste Mhuire Co-Ed has a reputation as a warm, friendly learning environment which puts student care at the centre of our work. With everyone’s help students will continue to enjoy school during the coming year. We thank you for your support and please do get in touch with us or members of the Parents Association if you would like us to address anything further in next week’s letter.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank members of the parents association for their help with getting the school ready. If you would like to see what the school looks like we have posted a video on the google classroom we set up for your children.

Google Classroom

A reminder to ask your child to join the Google Classroom  code ptj3np4. Mr Quinn has added an address to students today and we have added a short video to show how we have rearranged the school to allow for social distancing. This is still work in progress as the video shows. This classroom will be our main communication portal with students so please ensure your child has joined using their school email and password. For information purposes only a small number of relevant documents have also been added to

Evening study

Evening study will not run for the moment. We will review this at the end of September.

Face mask update

We have had several enquires about using Visors instead of face masks. It is important to remember that students are wearing face masks to protect themselves, each other,  all our families and communities. We have asked the Department of Education (DES)  for clarification on whether visors are acceptable. The following was issued by the DES at  It is now recommended that teachers and secondary school students wear face masks, similar to those worn in shops or on public transport, when a physical distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. They point to the HSE guidelines These guidelines recommend face masks not visors. Please read this for further clarification and contact the school if you have a medically certified condition which exempts your child from wearing face masks.

LCA work experience. 

Work experience is a component of Leaving Cert Applied. We are hoping that at some point during the year, we will return to the “old normal”.  We are leaving Wednesdays open for LCA students for this purpose. However, until it is safe to allow work experience, they will have access to remote learning on Wednesdays. We have scheduled the Programme Coordinator, Ms Conroy, for 2 hours on Wednesdays to coordinate this to ensure a quality experience for your children.


The TY programme will be different this year. We have added extra Maths and English and other subjects to make up for lost time and to ensure greater preparation for Senior

Cycle. Students will be in 3 base classes to ensure social distancing requirements are met. We have reduced the cost of TY. Again, at the moment students will not be on work experience for the foreseeable future but Ms Conroy will be updating parents on this in due course. We all hope that trips etc can resume and they will be on a pay-as-you go basis.

Daily absences of students

We are asking parents to use compass to inform us about absences. You will find information about how to do this at If you experience difficulties with this you may add a note in your child’s diary but your child must inform the class tutor that it is there.

Please note that we are obliged to report absences over 20 days to TUSLA so it is very important that records are maintained properly. Also note that the doors will lock at 9am so students must be on time and present at roll call.

Merits and Demerits on Compass

We are also moving the Merit/Demerit system to compass. This will allow you to use compass to view this information, which traditionally, was in the student diary. We will send more information about that in due course.


We will need all parents to log in to compass for communication purposes. If you do not have a username or password please contact the school office or see more information.


The department of education has not issued guidelines about how frequently uniforms should be washed. Please note that the PE uniform of Navy tracksuit bottoms, white or navy Polo shirt and SCHOOL half-zip or school jumper can only be worn on a day when the student has PE on their timetable. 

ASD programme

The ASD programme will continue to support students and if parents have queries about this they should contact Miss Delaney or Miss Ryan after the 28th of August through the school office.

What happens if there is a confirmed Covid 19 case in the school?

In event of a COVID 19 outbreak in a school, the HSE will determine what actions are to be taken.


We wish everyone well for the last few days of the holidays and we will be in touch with you again next week.


Yours sincerely


Denis Quinn                                                                            Clare Wallace

Principal                                                                                  Deputy Principal


Link to letter sent re fees and books on 14/8/20

The following Letter was sent on 14/8/2020

Safe Return to School Update 1


Dear parent/guardian,

We hope you and your family are well and enjoying the summer break.  We are currently working to put procedures in place so we can safely welcome back our students and teachers as planned from the end of this month.  We would like to update you on some recent developments concerning the reopening of our school.

 The Roadmap for the full return to school was published on 27th July 2020 by the Minister of Education and Skills, Norma Foley.  

The school has invested much time in reviewing the guidance by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and has already begun work to implement the DES recommendations.  We are also consulting with our Patron body, Tipperary ETB, to ensure that the school will be able to provide a safe teaching and learning environment for all our students and staff.

Tipperary ETB have issued the following statement which they would like us to share with you.  

Tipperary Education and Training Board’s Chief Executive welcomes the Government’s road map for full return to school and the enhanced measures and funding to support a safe return to school.   The re-opening of our schools is in the best interest of all in our school communities, however it will not be without its challenges.   

The role of Tipperary Education and Training Board’s supports is to add value to the individual services on the ground.  Since early March 2020 through our Business Continuity Team we are actively engaged with our network of eleven schools and one special school planning for the delivery of our essential services including teaching and learning, school meals and payments to staff and suppliers.  

The key challenge facing our front line services is to balance the need for a practical and sensible level of caution with the need to provide an environment where teachers feel able to engage with pupils in a way that supports their learning.   No interpersonal activity is without risk and this will involve doing everything practical to avoid the introduction of Covid-19 into a school community. 

We continue to work with our schools to support the implementation of the Government guidelines and Covid-19 implementation plans supporting risk assessment and management.  Each school has its own unique environment and are best placed to decide on physical reconfiguration with support from our administrative offices. 

Schools will operate in accordance with the Government’s Return to Work Protocol and the road map to full return to school in partnership with unions and lead worker representatives, parents, students, staff and Boards of Management across the various school sites. 

End of Statement

Our key priority is to ensure that safe systems and procedures are in place to support the best possible learning outcomes. Please see links below:

The link below is to Government guidelines that can help with managing wellbeing at this time: ➢

The following information may be of help as we begin planning for our return to school.  Further detailed updates will follow.

 Very important please ask your child to Join Google Classroom ptj3np4

We are requesting that all students use their school email and password to join the google classroom ptj3np4. This space will contain relevant materials for students and links for lunch bookings etc. It is important that students join this google classroom as it will be our main way to communicate with the student cohort.

 Before School:

Bus transport will run but students will be required to sit in the same seat (beside a sibling or a designated person from the students’ class) and wear a mask. 

Cycling and walking to and from school are recommended where possible.

School will not open until 8.40. Students who have pre-ordered breakfast packs will collect them. Students will go to their base rooms (details of this in the google classroom) and sit in assigned seats. Roll call will be in base rooms at 8.55. Please note that the school will be locked down from 9.00. Entrance to the school after 9.00 will be by appointment only.

 Entering the school in the mornings and after breaks

1st years are to enter and exit the school through the main entrance

2nd years are to enter and exit via the PLC entrance

3rd years are to enter and exit via the entrance at the Science area

6th years and TYs are to enter via the Aonad (into that building)

5th years are to enter via the door leading from the practical corridor to the Aonad

At all other times students will have to enter via the main entrance by buzzing in to the secretaries office. 

For Health and Safety purposes students may not open locked doors for each other. 



All classes next year will be 58 minutes. This will reduce movement in school and the interaction of various groups.  Break times will be staggered for classes,  with 15 mins for first break and 30 mins for 2nd break.

Class sizes:

There will be  base groups in 1st  , 2nd and 3rd year. Extra class groups will also be created in 5th and 6th year.

In so far as is possible (this is especially relevant in the Junior years) students will be in base classes. When students enter a room they will be required to sanitise their desks and chairs.

Social Distancing/hand hygiene/Cough etiquette are still the basic tools to fight Covid 19. Thus, all students will be expected to cooperate fully with these and all guidelines for the running of the school in a safe manner in this difficult time. The code of behaviour will be amended to reflect the seriousness of cooperation in this regard.

 Face Masks

Students are required to wear face masks. We ask that students have 3 masks which they can change at each break, put into a ziplock bag, take home and  are washed each day. See for more information on face masks.

The school will provide hand sanitiser and paper towels in each room. However, they should have sanitiser and tissues with them.


In the event that the school returns to blended learning ICT will play an important role. Some form of tablet/laptop/Ipad may be necessary for each student in this scenario.   All students are expected to have a device with them in school. While we would prefer if that was not a phone, we will allow students to use phones if no other device is available. Students are asked to discuss this with year heads when they return to school. The Acceptable Use Policy is very important in this context and the school’s central value around respectful use of devices must be adhered to.

 Lockers/School Equipment:

Students will not have access to lockers as social distancing cannot be maintained in these spaces. 58 minute classes will reduce the weight of the bag. Students should not bring textbooks to school, they will be used at home for study purposes. To further reduce school bag weight they may wish to bring one note book and to file the notes each evening in folders at home. Pencil cases should be easy to clean (not cloth). Students are not permitted to share any class materials or equipment.


Students will have to go to designated areas for break times and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Cold prepacked food will be available. Students will be required to use an online system to pre-order food. If students do not pre-order online they will have to bring a packed lunch. We would like to thank Triona and her team who have come up with very inventive solutions to ensure that the canteen continues to operate. 

The code of behaviour will be amended to reflect the seriousness of not picking up pre-ordered food. Any student who changes their mind or is unavoidably absent is asked to contact Triona on 087-2928389 to let her know they will not be taking a booked lunch or break order. 

 School Movement:

Movement between classes will be by means of a one-way system. Students/staff may have to circulate externally so a warm jacket next year will be a must.


Students are to wear their full uniform as normal. However, the tracksuit can be worn on the day of their PE class only.  This is a change to school policy and applies only while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. The school tracksuit is a plain navy tracksuit bottoms (leggings/jeans/tight fitting bottoms are not allowed), a navy or white polo shirt and the school jumper or the school half zip and runners. We will put in an order for the half zip tops in September.


The guidelines are clear that students/staff self-isolate at home if any of the symptoms of Covid 19 are experienced. Ultimately the success of schools staying open is down to low community spread and good practices in school. HSE guidelines will be followed. It is very important that you do not send a child who is sick to school. 

It is important that parents are available to collect students during the school day, if their child presents with Covid 19 symptoms. Please note that under no circumstances can students be brought home by staff.  In this scenario students will be taken care of in an isolation room and parents will be asked to collect them from an isolation area which has been set up. The guidelines recommend that students should wear a mask until they reach home and parents should call their GP, who will outline the next steps.

Please note that if a student is sent home because they have presented with Covid19 symptoms we will require a letter from their GP to say that they have visited the GP or presenta a negative Covid 19 test result. 

 Restricted Access:

Public Health guidelines state that schools must restrict access to building outside of students and staff. Thus, next year I ask that only in very exceptional circumstance should students be collected from school during the day. Please try to make all appointments outside of school time.

If you wish to see a member of staff you MUST make an appointment next year. The guidelines are clear, any visitor to the school must be by prior appointment.

 Students in high Risk category:

Please inform us if your son/daughter will not be returning to school at this time. Email  

 Return Dates:

Students return to school on the following dates. They stay for the full day and come to school each day thereafter.

Year Group Return Date
1st Year 2nd of September (Wednesday)
3rd and 6th year and 6 LCA 3rd of September (Thursday)
5th and 2nd Year 4th of September (Friday)
5th LCA 7th of September (Monday)
TY 8th of September (Tuesday)

 Please note that to facilitate social distancing break times are shortened and so the school day will finish earlier. The following are the finish times for the coming school year:


Days Finish time
Monday to Thursday 15.33
Friday 14.35


 If any student would like to meet a member of staff before school commences, we will be available for this purpose during the school day on Tuesday the 1st of September. Please email to make an appointment.

 Online meetings for parents/guardians of each year group will also take place with Year Heads in early September.


A letter will be issued separately to add to previous correspondence on books and school fees. 

I know many of us are anxious about what lies ahead but with everyone’s cooperation and support we will work towards getting all students safely back to school. Please rest assured we will be working hard to make the school as safe as possible and we will do everything in our power to keep things as normal as we can.  

 Over the next month we will endeavor to keep you informed and update you on our progress at regular intervals through the school website.  Updates will be provided on the following planned dates (if other more urgent updates are required you will be notified by text to access the school website): 

  •     Friday 21st August
        Friday 28th August

I appreciate that there is a lot of information in this briefing so in short some of the main points are:

  •   No access to school before 8.40 – there is a change to finishing times 
  • No mask – no school
  •   Full uniform every day expect PE day. On PE days PE uniform must be worn
  •   No lockers
  •   No textbooks
  •   Bring a device
  • Please do not send a sick child to school
  •     Students not to leave during school day
        Meetings by appointment only


I wish you and your families well for the coming weeks. I hope you continue to stay safe and well as your children enjoy their break and prepare for the start of term in Colaiste Mhuire Co-Ed


Denis Quinn                                                            Clare Wallace

Principal                                                                  Deputy Principal


The following Letter was sent on 29/05/2020

 Dear Parents

We hope this letter finds everyone well. As we come to end of the school year, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your children for your hard work and support all year and especially since March.

We acknowledge that it was a challenging time. At the recent Board of Management meeting, our Chairperson, Micheál Lowry, spoke on how the school community were navigating these unchartered waters through partnership. We are grateful to you, our parents. Thank you for filling in the parent survey. We deliberately left it anonymous and so we are now unable to thank you personally for your kind comments or speak to you individually. Your feedback will inform our planning for the new academic year.

We  had some lovely virtual events over the last few weeks. The opening of the Virtual Art Gallery and the Padre Pio Choir recital is still to come. We will let you know the dates during June.

We said farewell to our Class of 2020 at an emotional virtual ceremony yesterday. We wish them well in their next journey and remind them that our door is always open!

We wish all our students a safe and happy summer. Mind yourselves. Again, we miss you and we can’t wait to see you.

Take care and thank you again


Denis Quinn`                                                                  Clare Wallace

Principal                                                                           Deputy Principal


House Keeping


The following was sent on the 15th of May, 2020

Dear Parents

We hope this letter finds you well. We cannot say too often or loudly enough how much we miss your children. Coláiste Mhuire is only a building, it is your children that make our school. We are so grateful for all the positive interactions over the last few weeks. 

We had a Board meeting yesterday and Micheál, Board of Management Chairperson and Frank, Chairperson of the parents association conveyed a note of thanks from the Board of Management and Parents Association to teachers and parents for the hard work all parties have put into the Remote Learning Experience. He highlighted the difficulties and challenges we have all encountered but stressed that the exceptional job parents and teachers are doing, through partnership, has helped everyone in this difficult situation.  

We are awaiting further guidance on how to proceed with leaving cert grades. We have sent a letter regarding this to leaving cert parents. We were delighted to meet the 6th years in a virtual assembly this week and look forward to having another event with them soon. 

As you know assessments begin next week and to alleviate pressure we are requesting that teachers do not add any new material to Google Classroom from today. We wish students well and again, if a student is experiencing difficulty please let year heads know and contingency plans will be put in place. 

A few dates/activities for your diary

  • Next week will be awards night. We will send a link to a Live Stream of the awards night to your child. So please keep 7pm on Thursday night (21st May) free. 
  • We really want to encourage you and your child to participate in the virtual art exhibition. If you have anything you would like to submit for consideration (any media) send a photo of it to by the 20th of May – space is limited but we would like to encourage participation from students and parents. 
  • Miss Carr is running a bake-off competition entry to her at by the  20th May please. There is a parent prize…..
  • Covid competition. Denis has sent a text to you today with details of that competition which can also be found here

Stay safe and well. Looking forward to “seeing” you next Thursday night in the new virtual world


The attached was sent to 6th year parents on the 12th of May, 2020

The following was sent on the 1st of May, 2020

Dear Parents

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well in these uncertain times. We are now at the halfway point in our remote learning experience for 2020. We hope this letter finds you all well and you feel supported by us as a school. Can I remind you once again that if you need to make contact please send an email to and mark it to the attention of your child’s year head. Thank you to parents who have commended the teachers and Year Heads on their work. We appreciate the positive feedback and have passed it on to them. 

Engagement Reports

We have sent a separate letter explaining this. This report is supplied for information purposes only in order to provide you with an opportunity to decide on the appropriate level of engagement for your Child. 

Important Information for 3rd year Parents

The department has announced that the Junior Cycle assessments will take place before the end of the term in school. The State Examinations commission will refund you the fees paid for Junior Cycle State Exams directly. We are currently preparing a comprehensive plan around assessment and full details of this will be at Your child will receive a report through compass in June from us which reflects this agreed assessment. If you have any further queries see

End of Year Assessment

We are working with staff to come up with a comprehensive plan around assessment for all year groups (except for 6th year) 

Links will be posted to with full detail of assessment as soon as we can. 

Student Support

Can we remind you again that students can reach out to Miss Hickey or Miss Byrne for support through the Guidance google classroom m2gesxk Is the code. Miss Purtill, Mr Stapelton and Miss Morgan have also been doing trojan work in this area. 

Extra Curricular

Thank you to Mr Byrne who has been leading an exercise class, and as part of Active week has encouraged students to share their videos with the school community. It is great to see students engaging so well and keeping up with this important part of the ENERGY programme. 

We had lovely poetry recitations and sharing of favourite poems yesterday for Poetry Ireland Day and  over 70 members of the school community shared their Drop everything and Read photos last Friday. Special thanks to Miss Dunphy and Miss Butler for these initiatives. This is all so appreciated as it keeps us all connected. 

Congratulations to the Home Economics students who participated in an All Ireland online Home Economics challenge over the last few weeks. This was organised by the Association of Teachers of Home Economics. It was called ‘Home Ec at Home.’ Students were asked to send in images of how they were using Home Ec in their own lives now that they could not use it at school. We are so proud of Enda Wickham (1st year) who was the overall winner of a €100 voucher. He had strong internal and external competition. Enda cooked a three course dinner for his family.

Mr Fanning reports brilliant engagement with his Engineering challenges (a little bird tells me that Easter eggs were involved!).  It has been great to see the practical science photos coming back also. 

Miss Hynes and Miss Ryan have been running an online book club for Junior School students and they tell me it is thriving. 

It has been great to hear that some of the RE teachers are continuing the 3 Good Things and the breathing parts of the ENERGY programme, weekly and we are pleased to note the engagement in the Google Classroom Wellbeing class.

First year Options

Thank you to parents who have been engaging with us regarding subject options. The majority of students got their choices (which is always good) and those who did not will be contacted directly by Miss Hickey to discuss the same. 

New First Years

We have created an online platform to support our new first years in their transition. If you have a child in the school already and have a child coming into first year we would be very interested in hearing your feedback on this. 


Helen from Imps and Elves will make appointments for uniform fittings and orders at 086-8886668

Keep safe and well. 

Denis Quinn                           Clare Wallace
Principal                                  Deputy Principal 


The following was sent on 20th of April, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

We hope that you and your family had a good Easter and are keeping safe and well. The  good weather was a bonus and brought us all a bit of sunshine! We all remain in a state of uncertainty as to how this ongoing health crisis will impact on our futures and I hope that each family is finding their own positive ways to manage at this time.

In this new reality, we will be continuing with Distance Learning for the foreseeable future. We all acknowledge that it is not an ideal situation for anyone, and we know that our students and teachers are missing the daily interactions with each other.

Update from The Minister of Education

  • The Leaving Cert exams are scheduled to start in late July and to be completed throughout the month of August. The Minister has also proposed that schools will reopen for 6th Years, including LCA6 students, in the weeks leading up to the exams. The amended timetable for these exams will be issued in June.
  • Junior Cycle exams will take place, in some format, at the start of the new school year.

Therefore, all students are expected to remain fully engaged with their schoolwork as set by their teachers each week. We encourage all of our students  to remain focused on their studies at this time and to minimise their engagement with speculation and conjecture on social media as this will only add to their existing stress levels. Students should also ensure that they are taking appropriate breaks from their studies and that they are engaging with friends and family where possible.

ETBI (our patron body) has issued the following guidance which we think is worth sharing:

This last term of 6th  year, while it is the business end of the school year, is usually one that is very enjoyable for the students and we are aware that they are missing out on the social side of that experience at the moment. Traditionally, we have had a sixth year outing and a Graduation Ceremony in late May. Once this national crisis has passed, we look forward to organising an event for the current 6th Year students and their families to acknowledge their time in the CMCO

Remember – the purpose of the nationwide school closures and the increased restrictions are to help prevent the further spread of the Covid-19 illness. It is important that parents/guardians continue to minimise and monitor their children’s movements in the coming weeks and follow all advice given. Students should remain at home and not socialise with others.

Please note that the school office remains closed at this time, but any relevant information will be forwarded to parents either by text message or via our social media platforms and will be uploaded to the remote learn section on our website

Queries to:

Useful info, tips, videos etc, for parents and students, log onto www. – RemoteLearn Section

Yours sincerely

Denis Quinn, Clare Wallace & Mid Mgt Team

The following was sent on 3rd of April

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last 3 weeks. Our first letter spoke about entering uncharted waters. We have navigated the course with you all and while it has been an enriching experience for many of our teachers and students, we certainly hope to return to dry land after Easter!

Exam Students:

There is no official update on State Examinations. Please keep an eye on reputable media sources over the coming weeks. We will be in touch after Easter with any updates we receive over that time. It is of vital importance that Exam students continue to work toward final exams. All indications, at the moment, are that they will go ahead. For Exam students the next two weeks should be about personal revision plans and consolidation. Using study skills and past papers is a great starting point for anyone who doesn’t know where to begin.

Well being

A reminder about the PE and Wellbeing classes that have been set up on Google Classroom. It might be useful to revisit them over the Easter break.

Our website also has some useful wellbeing resources for parents and students

We also have a nice section which you can refer anyone who is cocooning to –

Remote learning

As it will be Easter, over the next two weeks, teachers will not be putting resources on Google Classroom. However, if your child wishes to continue their studies the classrooms, with all resources uploaded so far, will still be there. There are also links on if any student wants to extend their learning. We urge students to take a break and time for their wellbeing in the next few weeks.

Thank you again,  for your support in these last few weeks. We are very much hoping to resume normal business after the break!

Mr Quinn has sent an assembly that will distributed to all year groups by year heads.


The following was sent on the 27th of March

As the second week of remote learning draws to a close we wanted to keep you updated on the situation as we currently know it.

Information from the Department of Education

  • Schools will remain closed until the 19th of April. That means there will be one more week of online tuition, followed by 2 weeks of Easter holiday.
  • There has been no further update, from last week, on the state examinations.
  • During the week a joint statement was issued from all the school managing bodies urging parents to ensure that students keep social distance.

Student Wellbeing

  • This week google classrooms in PE and Wellbeing were set up. The code for the Wellbeing class is m2gesxk and the code for the PE class is vvn3rna please encourage your child to participate on both of these classes.
  • Please use the school email address if you wish to contact your child’s year head or the HSCL about any concern you may have. Mark it for their attention and Una will forward it to the relevant year head.


  • We are very impressed by the overall level of engagement and work being produced by our students. We know many parents are heavily involved in this and we thank you for your support.
  • Arising from last week’s letter we got some very good suggestions on technical support students needed. We have added some video tutorials to the website which can be found in our new section
  • Can you please encourage your child to write down what they need to do in their diaries so that they can keep on top of the workload and it feels more like the normal homework routine. 

Finally, I would like to thank the parents who have been in touch to thank us for the support and teaching that continues to go on through google classroom. We had a virtual staff meeting during the week and while this new online world is a major learning curve and adjustment for our teachers, knowing that parents  are supportive of their efforts was much appreciated. We also spoke to all teachers during the week and their overriding comment was how much they miss your children and how they hope they are well. So please tell them we miss them and hope to see them in person soon. 

We hope you and your families are well


The following was posted on 24th of March

The following was an update sent on Thursday 27th of March

As our first week of supporting your child remotely draws to a close, we wanted to be in touch.

As you know the government has declared that all schools will remain closed until the 30th of March. We continue to work towards this date until any further updates. Note information released today, on state exams at

To support your children the following has been happening

  1. Teachers are using google classroom to distribute work, put up notes and get assignments
  2. Some teachers may link to videos or create videos and ask students to complete work based on that
  3. Some teachers may ask students to create their own content
  4. Some teachers have held/will hold “face to face” class with Google Hangouts

Note: if using Google Hangouts  with their teachers; students should turn off the speaker and the video so that they can see what the teacher is doing while maintaining their privacy, but they can turn on the mic again if they have a question.  We are aware that some students have very poor internet and so the notes are also being put up online in this scenario.

Please ensure that your child is aware of the Acceptable Use Policy (on It is important that students show respect for teachers and each other while using the online platform.

This is a learning curve for students and teachers. While Google Classroom is fully embedded in the school, we have never had a situation where it is our sole means of teaching.

Further to our recent session on internet safety with parents we ask all parents to familiarise themselves with this important topic – further information is available at We will share any information regarding free resources on our school webpage at These will provide an enriching experience in most subject areas.

Finally, if you have any query (no matter how small you might think it is) please use the following form to communicate with us.

The following is an update on the 12th of March

Further to our letter yesterday, we can now confirm that school will be closed from 6pm this evening until 29 March 2020. We are undoubtedly in un-chartered waters.

Teachers have distributed work today and will continue to use google classroom in the coming weeks. Students will be expected to engage in self-directed learning for the most part.  All exam students should use their exam papers. Students can use  study-clix (code given to students ) and need to check in with Google classroom regularly.

We are awaiting instructions for contingency plans in relation to orals and practicals. A google classroom has been set up for communication purposes with 6th and 3rd years by their year heads. If your child did not get the code please ask them to contact someone else in their class for the code or to email their year heads.

We remind you again that students must bring all their books, copies and equipment home. The school building will not be open during the closure.

We wish everyone well and hope that all our students and their families will be safe and healthy in the coming weeks. Continue to follow HSE guidelines – stay well.



The following was added to the website on 11th of March

Information below has been texted to parents and sent in a letter via text.

We had a whole school assembly in the week of the  9th of March to allay fears around COVID-19 for our students. In line with the advice sheet from the HSE we reiterated that

  1. Handwashing with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, regularly is required
  2. Coughing/Sneezing into elbow or tissue that is disposed of in a bin is important
  3. Students should avoid touching their nose, eyes and mouth
  4. If students are sick they should stay at home
  5. If students are concerned they should discuss these worries with their parents, tutor, year head or any member of the student support team.
  6. Avoid all large social gatherings

The Chief Medical Officer, has said that school should not close. However, should this happen it is important that we are ready to deal with closure.

With this in mind students have been told the following:

  1. Make sure you can log into your school gmail account – see Miss Bergin or Miss Purtill  TODAY if you need your password reset
  2. The code for study clix has been shared with parents and students
  3. Students have been told that they  must bring all their books home every night – if the school closes, as we will not have access to the building

Parents please make sure your contact details are Up-To-Date on the school system.

Please advise us if you are travelling out of the country as a family.


The following links are useful


Link to Department of Education advice on Covid-19