Young Entrepreneurial Competition


Young Entrepreneur Competition 2012

Congratulations to our first and second year Business studies students who entered  the county final of the Young Entrepreneur Competition.  They did a major amount of work to prepare for the Christmas market day and the Young Entrepreneur County Final.  They prepared their business plans which included some market research and they created their products.  They following students were involved: in the junior category Phillip O Sullivan, David Shorley, and John Locmels produced christmas logs, christmas cards and buns.  Margaret Moynihan was very creative and produced lamps.  Finally, our last group won 3rd prise in the county final, Bríd Gleeson, Ciara Dorney, Aaron Moriarity and Kevin Mclaughlin produced buns and cakes and ran a business selling farm fresh eggs.  Well done to all for their hard work.  

Our second year students produced a decorative Christmas centre piece, Michael Beaton and Paul Murphy used some recycled materials and created a beautiful ornament.  The second team won second place in the county final with their sweet shop, well done to Belinda Mccarthy and Milena Raeaj.