Subject Overview

This syllabus aims to develop the expressive, communicative and functional modes of art, craft and design in the individual within the art class.


Drawing is the central activity to the syllabus and links with 2-D (painting and graphic design), 3-D, Options (craftwork) and Support Studies in art history. Drawing is used for thematic ideas, designs and research.
These activities encourage personal exploration and understanding of the different art and design elements.


It is assessed at two levels, Ordinary Level and Higher level
The quantity and quality of work produced determine the differences between the two levels. The modes of assessment are;
  • A personal thematic project executed during the examination year
  • A drawing examination of an object and a person.


As part of the review of junior cycle, Art is one of syllabuses currently undergoing a rebalancing process, in a move towards presenting all junior cycle syllabuses in similar formats.