Compass is our school’s online portal. 

****if you get a report and you have any concerns please email and your child’s year head will get back to you *****

The school will issue you with a letter with your password. (Top Tip: take a photo of the username and password and keep it on your phone)

If you do not know your password please see instructions below.

We provide a ‘live’ Parent Portal, while students also have their own access separately.  The online portal allows parents to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your son or daughter’s progress.  Important notifications regarding various school activities, general school information and parent teacher meetings etc. are also communicated to you as parents through the portal.  Compass includes many different features including the ability to :

  • Monitor your son/daughter’s attendance
  • Update your contact details
  • View your son/daughter’s timetable (showing changes to her daily schedule such as school trips/events etc.) and school calendar
  • View and/or download your son/daughter’s school reports
  • View ‘News Feeds’ on your Compass home page which will contain current information relevant to your son/daughter
  • Receive important notifications which may or may not require action by you as a parent

You can login at

You have been issued with a letter by the school with your username and password.

You can download the Compass App on iOS and Android devices, simply search for Compass School Manager in the store.

Make sure you have enabled notifications for the app on your phone, otherwise you will be logging in to see what we have sent.

This is a useful guide on how to use compass (click on this link to access it)

What do I do if I have forgotten my username/password it or cant find it?

You will need to email the school and we will ask you a series of questions before it is reissued.

How do I see academic tracking reports?

See this document (click on the link) for information on this