Behaviour for Learning

The Behaviour for Learning Programme aims to explore ways in which an individual teacher, can develop a school ‘Behaviour for Learning Programme’ specifically targeted at students in need of intensive individualised intervention (NBSS Level 3).

Additionally, the Behaviour for Learning Programme teacher facilitates the planning, implementation and evaluation of effective responses to challenging behaviour at small group/class and/or year group level i.e. Level 2: targeted support for some students.

The teacher works with identified students, individually or in small groups on Behaviour for Learning Programmes that are designed to meet their social, emotional, wellbeing and behavioural and academic needs, so they can achieve and succeed in school.

An individual Student Behaviour Plan and targets are developed for each student in receipt of this support.

Rather than responding after young people present with chronic behaviours (‘a wait to fail’ intervention model), a school’s  ‘Behaviour for Learning Programme’ also includes preventive strategies and early intervention approaches for all students i.e. NBSS Level 1 support.