Students will study four contextual strands called Earth and Space, Chemical World, Physical World and Biological World. A fifth strand called Nature of Science will permeate throughout the four strands. This encompasses understanding about how science works, investigating, communicating in science and science and society and aspects will be incorporated into every lesson.

Students will complete two Classroom Based Assessments (CBA) over the first three years. The first Classroom-Based Assessment completed in second year is an Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI), which offers students an opportunity to research a question. Classroom-Based Assessment 2, completed in third year, is a Science in Society Investigation (SSI), offering students the opportunity to explore a scientific topic or issue. An in-class assessment task will follow the SSI which will be worth 10% of their overall grade. Students will sit a State Exam at the end of third year, which will be available at Common Level covering all four contextual strands, worth 90%.


2 Science Labs
Poly tunnel
Access to 5 computer rooms


Sci Fest
Young Scientist
Science Week

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