School Uniform

All students are expected to wear the school uniform at all times in school and when representing the school.

Boys Girls
Official College Crested Jumper Official College Crested Jumper
White Shirt White Shirt
Grey College Pants & Black Socks Grey College Skirt & Navy or Black Socks*
Official College Tie Official College Tie
Black Shoes Black Shoes

* The school is currently in negotiation with a sub-committe of the Students Counil regarding the introduction of grey official school trousers for girls


Where to purchase the Uniform

  • The Jumper and Tie are available from Imps and Elves on Friar Street, Thurles.
  • Official Sports kit and can be purchased through the school.

Full school uniform of Jumper, Shirt, Tie, Pants/Skirt, Black Shoes must be worn daily.