How to order your chromebook and ebooks (for new 1st years)

1st year Student Chromebooks

How to order: Lenovo 300e Yoga Gen 4 Chromebook 4GB/32GB

Step 1:

Step 2: Type in our school Store Code: 46263934

NOTE: Online Store Opens: 2nd April and Online Store Closes: 18th June 2024

Click here to see – Cost of the Student Chromebook

Click here for detailed Wriggle Parent pack


Note Student will use their school email and password to access their online books via the following websites or the Mentor app.

The following ebooks apps/online websites are used on the chromebooks to access the ebooks.






App: The Mentor app will be pushed onto the chromebook via wriggle.

Very important: Wriggle is your first point of contact if you have queries or problems
Wriggle telephone: (01) 500 9060
Wriggle email:

If first year parents encounter any difficult the following points of contact may be useful

Folens:  01 – 4137200

Educate:  1800613111

Edco:  01 – 4500611

Mentor: 01 – 2952112

CJ Fallon: 01 – 6166490

BookHaven: 01 – 8352621