Transition Year

All students study French in Transition Year. There is a big emphasis on developing a greater understanding of France and everyday life in France. 

Module Aims:

  • To expand cultural awareness of France and French speaking countries.
  • To promote European languages day in our school.
  • To develop and enhance the 4 language skills of reading, writing, listening and oral.
  • To learn, revise and build on French grammar.
  • To acquire new vocabulary.
  • To further develop digital skills. (i.e. work to be submitted online, powerpoint presentations, duolingo etc.)
  • To be mindful of student wellbeing by giving students confidence to communicate in the target language. 


  • To further develop their understanding of the French language and grammar. 
  • The study of films from France. Students will complete a review of these films. Students will create their own film in the target language.
  • To study a short story in French.
  • To explore Ireland’s links with France.
  • To engage in a project on France.
  • To learn about France ( cities, cultures, regions)