How to order your ipad and ebooks

***Important click on the blue underlined hyperlinks to access documents ***

The Wriggle  store code 46263934

Please see  information directly from wriggle

We have tried to summarise this below but it is worth looking at what they have sent in the first instance

If you are ordering your books you need to do the following

Parents will log onto . In the search bar please put in the below quick codes it it will bring them straight into the book list to order online:

1st Years Code:  m2aq1y

Note to parents of students other than 1st years: the system has changed this year but follow the instructions below and log in at for books. 

2nd Years Code: m2aq2y (see below – order books but wait until September before you get higher level books)

3rd Years Code: m2aq2y

5th Years – quick code: m2aq5y

6th Years – quick code: m2aq6y

Very important: Wriggle is your first point of contact if you have queries or problems
Wriggle telephone: (01) 500 9060
Wriggle email:


Very very important: A parent should be with the student when setting up the iPad
Password set to unlock the iPad must be written down (note if this is lost the iPad has to go back to Wriggle and it will be gone for at least a month)

Please note that for **incoming first years ** the Online Store Closing Date for orders: 9/06/2021 (9th of June 2021).
(After this date a late fee of €50 is added by wriggle)

How do I order my  ipad?

Enter our store code 46263934 

If you still require more help

See Miss Bergins step by step instructions here. PLEASE note when you put in school code you must watch the 2minute video and when video is finished the button is activated to make the order of ipads.

Please click here to access the information leaflet given to incoming first year parents by Wriggle


I am moving to Senior Cycle and want to keep my ipad?

Wriggles support of your device ends when you finish 3rd year.   Do not change the iPad to factory settings until 3rd year is finished as otherwise you will lose all of your books.
 Your options now are as follows:
Option 1: Continue with wriggles support for
  • EUR 99 for three years  (TY, 5th & 6th year)
  • EUR 66 for two years.  (5th & 6th year)
Option 2: Change your ipad back to factory settings and use as a BYOD(bring your own device).
Follow the handouts sent via compass change your iPad back to factory settings. DO  NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED AS YOU WILL LOSE BOOKS IF YOU DO.

Please see this link

How do I order my ebooks?

Please note there is a books frequently asked question page here

You will purchase your books separately through Wriggles partner Book Haven.

1.Wriggle work with Book Haven

2. You will be sent a link to the Book Haven page. Wriggle will send this to Colaiste Mhuire and we will use compass to send it to you.

3. In the Book Haven Page you will

a. chose the Colaiste Mhuire Page

b. your Child’s school year

c. you will get a drop down menu and you will click on the books you wish to order.

Use these codes

1st Years Code:  m2aq1y

2nd Years Code: m2aq2y

3rd Years Code: m2aq2y

Note that New books will come with a code which you will use to download the books to your iPads when they arrive.

4.Bookhaven will ship the books to your door and you are required to download the books using a code (it will be scratched off like a lotto card) before your child comes to school in August.


If first year parents encounter any difficult the following points of contact may be useful

Please note that because you are ordering your books through the Bookhaven/Wriggle partnership you  will be set up with Wriggle Connect Family Fundamentals.  For more information on this please watch Within this there is a get started guide with videos and it explains how the students redeem the eBooks from the physical books when they purchase them for all publishers. If you have any problems you should contact Wriggle in the first instance. 

Parent Night Video 1

Parent Night Video 2

Folens:  01 – 4137200

Educate:  1800613111

Edco:  01 – 4500611

Mentor: 01 – 2952112

CJ Fallon: 01 – 6166490

BookHaven: 01 – 8352621


***I need help to download the books in second or fifth year***

Please note the 2nd year store will reopen to allow parents to purchase Higher Level books at a later date. Teachers will advise students of levels during the new school year.

Full book-lists are here

Specific information on 5th year is also here

Books Frequently asked questions

Copies and equipment needed