School Calendar

School Calendar 2024-2025

Note there may be additional days of closure due to professional  development which will be advised.

Holidays are shown in red shading, days off for students due to professional development are in grey shading.

School Calendar in calendar format

School Calendar is document format

Link to the Google Calendar of term dates


Return to school dates

1st years return 23rd of August

3rd and 6th year (LCE and LCA)  return 26th of August

2nd, 5th LCE and TY return 27th of August

5th LCA return 29th of August

5th year international students return 2nd of September

Parent Teacher meetings for 24/25

Thursday 5th December,  5th/6th Yr P/T Meeting
Thursday January 16th, 3rd/TY P/T Meeting
Wednesday January 29th,  2nd P/T Meeting
Wednesday 5th of February,  1st P/T Meeting