Remote Learning – Where to start

1.Get up every morning and give remote learning a go.

This is a link to a resource on how to plan your day

2. Be informed and take control of your time – choose personal responsibility

This is a link to a resource that will help with this

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

This is a link to where you can find help

4. Continue to use the ENERGY programme every day

E – Exercise daily
N – Nutrition – eat well
E – Exhale – remember to breathe properly
R – Random acts of kindness
G – Good things – take conscious note of 3 good things every day
Y – Look after Your internet safety and use
5. Let us know if you are having difficulties with equipment, using Google Classroom or just need help to refocus
6. Look after your internet safety. Ignorance is no excuse. We expect you to follow the code of behaviour, acceptable use policy and take care of your internet safety

We are here, we care.