Google Classroom/Tech support

Google Classroom (on the ipad) Support for parents

How to long into google classroom and gmail

As most of our students have ipads the tutorials below are recorded on an ipad. If you want instructions on how to do this on mac or PC you will find lots of help on youtube.


More videos will follow use the form if you request any other video on how to use Google Classroom


How to upload your homework when you have taken a picture of it


How to upload homework when your teacher has set it as a worksheet


How to upload homework by creating a google doc and uploading that


How to use

A tutorial on how to use is available by clicking on this link. examsie


Help!! – I can see my assignment but I cant edit the page in my google doc


I cant see any of my google classroom courses.



I am really struggling with all the reading – is there any alternative on the ipad to help me



How can I use the iPad to help me to type all the work out

The following video is a very quick explanation on how to use the microphone which is on the built in keyboard on the iapd. When I was dictating the commands did not come out so please note you say “Full Stop” when you want a full stop and “New Paragraph” when you want a new paragraph. Speak slowly and deliberately (like I did on the video) and as you correct spellings etc it gets smarter and knows you voice.

On the video I suggest that you learn to touch type here are links you would find useful for that: