Religious Education Non-Examination Framework

Subject Overview

The optional framework for senior cycle religious education offers teachers a structure within which to plan a programme for senior cycle R.E. appropriate to students who are not taking R.E. as an examination subject for Leaving Certificate.
It complements the Leaving Certificate syllabus and guidelines and thus allows for easy management of both. The framework has been designed with sensitivity to the variety of contexts in which it may be used and can be tailored to suit the particular ethos of a school.
It is offered as an option for schools.


The framework is presented in eight sections and it is recommended that students study at least two sections each year. The selection and sequencing of the sections can be varied to suit teacher and student interests. However it might be useful to use Section A as an introduction to the whole programme of work.
Section A: The search for meaning
Section B: Christianity
Section C: Religious faiths in Ireland today
Section D: Morality in action
Section E: God-talk
Section F: A living faith – doing justice
Section G: Celebrating faith
Section H: Story


This framework is not for assessment in the certificate examinations. It has been designed to support a variety of forms of in-school assessment.

Current status

The framework for senior cycle religious education is not compulsory and is therefore offered as an optional planning tool to schools wishing to improve coordination and management of senior cycle R.E.