Subject Overview

Maths at Junior Cycle focuses on further developing the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding, which students have gained from primary school, applying maths to real life situations, developing problem-solving skills and fostering a positive attitude to maths.

Junior Certificate Mathematics is made up of five strands:

1. Statistics and Probability

2. Geometry and Trigonometry

3. Number

4. Algebra

5. Functions

The syllabus is provided at two levels only – Higher and Ordinary level. However, a Foundation level examination will be offered at Junior Certificate to meet the needs of students for whom an Ordinary level examination is not appropriate.

To ensure a easier transition for students from the study of maths at primary school to junior cycle, all first year students study a Common Introductory Course .This is the minimum course which these students follow at the start of their post-primary education. You will find the Common Introductory Course in the syllabus.

Summative Assessment

Junior Certificate Mathematics is assessed at Foundation, Ordinary and Higher levels. There is one examination paper at Foundation level and two at both Ordinary and Higher levels.