October Correspondence

Congratulations to all our students on a very successful term. We would like to especially congratulate last years 6th years on superb results and progression. A huge thank you to you our parents and students for your support during our recent open night. Attendance at open night and subsequent enrolments are unprecedented. We have sent 2 reminders now to our parents, but please remember that all applications must be in by the 17/11/2022. If a child has a brother or sister in the school they take first priority for places in the mainstream but only if applications are in on time. A huge well done also to all involved in the huge variety of extra curricular activities. We have enjoyed great sporting and musical success this term. Congratulations to all.

The following are links to pages on our website which we wish to bring to your attention. We have reiterated these points at assemblies in the past week also. Please note the uniform policy especially.

Information from the student support team
We appreciate that students and families continue to need support over holidays. Useful contact details can be found at https://www.cmco.ie/information/pastoral/student-support-2/

Internet safety advice

22/23 School Calendar

Of special note for this term are closures on  Monday 28th November, Monday 5th December due to professional development with the Department of Education and school closure on the 9th of December.

School Uniform

Please note that we strictly follow the uniform policy outlined in the code of behaviour.

If you have old school uniform we would be very grateful if you would donate it to the school (just drop it in to the school office). We are always happy to discretely redistribute uniform.

Please note that students are required to have a PE uniform – full details on the uniform page.
TY students wear the PE uniform only, for the TY year.

Information about Junior Cycle

You can get more information about Junior Cycle here

Academic Tracking 1

Results are viewable on compass. In Academic tracking 1 students get a mark only. More comprehensive results are issued at Christmas and Summer.


As we begin a new school year we ask parents to note the following please

Students leaving school during the day

  1. If a student is being collected during the day, please send a note to the year head in advance
  2. Parents are requested to collect students from the office and parents should either use compass or ask the office to sign them out.
  3. If a student needs to be collected in an emergency please contact the school office
  4. Students are not permitted to use their phones so if they are sick and need to contact you, they may do so through the school office.

Phones in school

Students should have digital devices (ipads, byod laptops/chrome books etc). Phones should be turned off and not be seen during the school day. In consultation with the student and parent council we are operating a strict phone free zone for students.

Parking and exiting the school

Please do not park on footpaths. Please exit the school at the far entrance (near LIT) and use the roundabout to filter back to the town if necessary. This will keep traffic flow steady.

Code of behavior

The code of behavior was recently updated and the new version is at Code of Behaviour – March 2022 – Thanks to the Parents Association reps for their input on this.