Book Lists

We operate a book scheme for all junior students and for medical card holders in senor cycle. This means that in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year you do not buy books (unless you are opting for the chromebook). We will supply you with books and you pay a fee for their rental.

If you did not opt for book rental initially you cannot change your mind as we order just the right amount that we need.

LCA and TY book-lists are not online as they are supplied by the school (as part of their fee) as needed.

If you need more information about the chromebook and e-books please click on the following links:

General information about ipads

Specific information about ebooks – 1st years

Specific information about ebooks – 2nd years up


Please note that all chromebook/ipad users must supply their own books. If you wish to buy an ipad/chromebook and get books from the school you must pay the full book scheme fee also. 

The following are links to the book lists.

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

5th year

6th year


Books Frequently asked questions

Copies and equipment needed for 1st year