Books FAQ

Please note we are awaiting details on the newly announced scheme re books………..more information will follow and you will be updated on compass.

How does the book scheme work?

If you opt for books (not the Chrome book or Ipad) in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, you can avail of the book scheme. You pay a yearly fee to rent the books. Books must be returned in good condition. We operate a computerised tracking system for books. Medical card holders pay less.

You can view our book policy here

How do I know what to pay?

We will send you a sheet which explains this. You will get a link from the school office and you use that to pay online. If you are unsure call the office for an explanation.

Can I get book scheme at Senior Cycle?

We only operate the book scheme at Senior Cycle for medical card holders for Leaving Cert Established. Leaving Cert Applied and Transition year students will get books on the book scheme.

How do I know what books to get?

The book lists are all at this link.

What books do I buy for my child who is getting the chrome book or ipad, from the Wriggle store?

You will need to get all the books on the first year list……(Do I have to get French, Business and Geography???….yes your child will be doing them in 1st year as part of the taster system)

How do I know if I need the Higher Level or Ordinary Level books?

If in doubt wait and the teachers will tell you in September.

Do I need to purchase workbooks?

If work books are listed on the booklists then your child will need them

a. if you are entitled to the bookscheme in senior cycle, they will come as part of the book-scheme fee
b. if you are opting for bookscheme in Junior cycle they will be part of the book-scheme fee
c. they will be listed in the wriggle store for purchase if you are opting for chromebooks or  ipads in Junior cycle

We opted for ebooks intially but now in 2nd year we want to change to the bookscheme.

Unfortunately we are unable to faciliate that request. The cost of the bookscheme is averaged out over the 3 years. If you do wish to opt for bookscheme in 2nd year you will have to pay the full 3 year cost of bookscheme.

I have a query in relation to the chromebook or ipad and books with wriggle

Please contact wriggle at:

Wriggle telephone: (01) 500 9060
Wriggle email:

Do I need to get all the optional books in first year

Yes as all students study all subject in first year