Young Engineer 2014

Congratulations to Patrycya Brzeszcz and her Engineering teacher Mr Tom Byrne on winning “Engineer of the Year” for her Leaving Certificate Engineering project. We wish Patrycya well in her future career.

To listen to an interview recorded on the 1st of December, 2014 on Tipp Mid West Radio, where Patrycya and Mr Denis Quinn (Principal) explain the project and how such opportunities are afforded to our students, please click on the link below.


The student care/support team consists of the following members of staff

Principal – Mr Quinn
Deputy Principal – Ms Wallace
Guidance Counsellor – Ms Byrne
BFL teacher – Ms Purtill
HSCL – Ms Hickey
SCP – Ms Morgan
SPHE representative – Ms Martin
Learning Support representative – Ms Delaney

They meet once a week to provide support to students that may require extra intervention. It is compliant with Dept. guidelines for a student support team.

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Team Hope Christmas Appeal

Transition Year students are organising the Christmas shoebox appeal for team hope. Forms were sent home to all 1st, 2nd  and 3rd years with futher information.

We hope to double the 45 boxes we received last year.  We would be grateful if every family could donate one shoebox filled with presents suitable for children.

This year, why not share your Christmas with a child living on the margins of society, amongst the poorest children in the world? Visit the website for more information


Some information on how it works

You choose whether you are going to give the box to a boy or girl, ages 2-4/5-9 or 10-14. You put €4 in to cover the cost of transport also. Items you can put in then are
  • items for school(pens/pencils/copies/coloring book/markers/sharpener/eraser/solar calculator etc)
  • Items for hygiene (toothbrush/paste/facecloth/soap/hairbrush/comb etc)
  • Items to wear (hat/scarf/gloves/socks/underwear/flipflops) treats (toys/sunglasses/ game/handcraft/small irish gift/ photo of yourself/sweets-in date up to March 2017-/makeup/small musical instrument/ doll/cuddly toy/ car/ skipping rope/yoyo/puppet NOTHING THAT NEEDS BATTERIES.
Not allowed: food(except sweets) anything breakable, chocolate,liquids,medicines, scary things like Halloween stuff or crossbones, war related items, Books with words, sharp items, large clothing items.