iPad Initiative

Aims of our I-pad initiative

Coláiste Mhuire Co-Ed has invested considerably in its ICT provision to be a leader in ICT skills attainment & development for our students. Our school uses Google Apps and all students have a Google Apps account, providing them with a school based email account, calendar, task-manager etc.  Each pupil is capable of emailing any staff member or the Principal and vice-versa.  Our first year and transition year students learn how to create and develop e-portfolios. This is facilitated through Google sites and Mahara. Our pupils and parents have access to the following;

  • Google Apps
  • VSware
  • Virtual Learning Environment – Moodle
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

Wriggle store

We are working with a company called Wriggle www.wriggle.ie to ensure that the ipad initiative is a success. You can access the wriggle store at http://store.wriggle.ie/colaiste-mhuire-co-ed. A code is sent out via text to parents also.

The main advantages

  • No need to buy exam papers – saving of approximate €100
  • Cut down on weight in bags
  • Most interactive learning resources for pupils with Dictionaries, Maps, Globes, Translators, Maths help etc.
  • Internet browser for the family
  • Highly affordable repayment options with the local credit union
  • Very impressive advantages Science
  • Option to lease text-books each year at a third of the price of hard-copy


  • As explained at the information evening parents will log into wriggle.ie where they will buy the ipad and all the books
  • Competitive loan rates have been negotiated with the local credit union


  • Wriggle  recommends that parents arrange their own insurance cover
  • House Insurance Contents Cover – you must check this will cover the ipad      when not at home
  • GadgetInsurance.ie also offers very competitive rates

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