Business Studies

Business Studies is offered at Junior and Leaving Certificate levels.  This subject covers budgeting, consumer laws, employment laws and much more which is relevant to daily life.  The subject is rich in numeracy and literacy skills  and suitable to students of all abilities.  We encourage our students to do Honours Business studies, however,should a student decide to take ordinary level business, we will help these students to achieve the highest grade possible depending on their ability.

We also encourage our 1st and 2nd year students to enter the Young Entrepreneur Competition as an extra curricular activity which links in with the Business Studies syllabus.

Well done to our first and second year students who entered and won prizes in the Tipperary County final of the young entrepreneur competition.

Subject Overview

  • To contribute to a balanced and appropriate general education at the Junior Cycle level, leading to the personal and social development of each student.
  • To develop, in each student, habits and methods of investigation, analysis and problem solving at an appropriate level.
  • To familiarise each student with technological developments in the business environment.
  • To encourage initiative and develop self reliance in each student.
  • To provide each student with an appropriate level of economic/business literacy
  • To develop in each student a positive attitude to the creation of wealth and its distribution
  • To provide a foundation for students which could lead to employment/further studies in the business field.


Section One: The Business of Living
Section Two: Economic Awareness
Section Three: Enterprise
Section Four: Information Technology


The syllabus is assessed by means of a terminal examination paper at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level in ascending order of difficulty.


Business Studies is one of syllabuses currently undergoing a re-balancing process, in a move towards presenting all junior cycle syllabuses in similar formats.